Prefer To Stick With Therapy Sessions With A Modern Twist?

If you’re used to having therapy sessions, I’m happy to oblige.  In fact, we can build in the customized learning I deliver with my proprietary program into selected Therapy Session packages.  Select the one that you prefer and let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will sessions be delivered?

All sessions will be scheduled, delivered and recorded with Zoom video conferencing. This is a virtual, yet natural way for individual sessions.

Will I have access to the session recordings after each session?

Yes, you will be able to review each of the sessions at your convenience.

Are handouts and worksheets available to help me as I go through this program?

Yes, you will have handouts and worksheets as part of the session and homework activities. These activities will reinforce and build on your learning  each step of the way.

How will I know if I’m  understanding and progressing?

As part of each session, you will have Raising Awareness and Evaluation Checklists that will help you evaluate your progress.

What would be the primary consideration when deciding about this Stop Stuttering Now programs?

There are many different approaches to the treatment of stuttering. In Stop Stuttering Now programs, you’ll understand and learn a natural, easy and effective way to easier speaking, Fluent speakers use this approach naturally and effortlessly and you can too.

How will I know that Stop Stuttering Programs will work for me?

In the program, you’ll  learn about the key elements of speaking.  You may be surprised that you are able to use these elements too because they are already within you.  Speaking is supposed to be natural and easy. You’ll quickly see how easy speaking is attainable for you. As a bonus, as you learn how natural speech is produced, you’ll more accurately and confidently determine the best approach for you.

How long is the therapy program once I start?

Each person progresses and changes in different ways. The time it takes to make changes, gain communication skills and integrate them are based individually for you. As you progress at your pace, the program is structured to best meet your needs.

With Stop Stuttering Now Treatment programs, how much will I have to practice?

Practice is best done daily since this is the way we learn anything that is new or different.

What is great about this program, is that as you practice and speaking smoothly becomes easier, you will be connecting to your natural speech system.  This means that your learning and practice is becoming automatic and ingrained with the natural system that you have – the easy speaking system.

What makes Stop Stuttering Now programs really different and more effective than others?

This element is unique to Stop Stuttering Now. Brain and central nervous system rewiring techniques are woven through the program.  They create a powerful way for systems within the body, including speech, to function naturally, in a synchronized and automatic fashion.

Is there one thing that I’ll learn that will completely change how I think about easy speaking?

Yes, if you have ever experienced a calm, clear mind with sharp focus, you will learn to create this state of mind on demand — setting you up for your best learning.