Fluency Made Easy Program 

Yes!  Let’s get started transforming your experience with communication at work and in your personal life!

Improve Internal & External Communication

Wanting to find a way to be fluent, be more at ease, live your life, and make independent choices?

Tired of how stuttering stops you from reaching goals?

Ready for something that can work in high stress situations where you need it the most?  You’re in the right place!

A Clear & Easy To Follow Program With Digestible Segments To Transform Stuttering Into Fluency

Understanding how stuttering happens is only a small part of the big picture of communication. 

Building up other aspects of communication allows fluent speech to become well integreated into communication; not just a technique or band aid approach.

Welcome to my program.  I’m Linda, founder and CEO of Stop Stuttering Now and I’ve created programs that speak very differently about stuttering, what causes it, what can be done, while not promising a cure or 100% fluency.  

A Training Program To Transform Your Career & Life

Session #1 - Getting Started

    1. 6 Principles of Speaking
    2. Taking stock
    3. Knowledge therapy – understanding fluent speech vs stuttered speech
    4. Internal speech – your thoughts are fluent
    5. Internal speech with silent articulation – the flow of fluent speech

Session #2 - Internal Speech – Where communication starts

    1. Internal speech – silent and aloud
    2. Bridging the gap from thinking to speaking – begin with sounds
    3. Avoidance behaviors to speaking
    4. Talking about the subject of stuttering: open or closed

Session # 3 - You Have a Voice – Let's Discover It

    1. Producing your voice; expanding its boundaries
    2. Revealing how focusing on how your voice is produced and how that relates to speech production
    3. Combining voicing and articulation in reading and speaking

Session #4 - Your Voice Is Your “Speech Engine”

    1. Exploring your voice as the sole power of  speech production
    2. Exploring voice intonation, pitch, intensity
    3. Exploring voice extension and continuation
    4. Becoming a fluent speaker and shifting your mindset to match
    5. Positive and negative self talk; power cultivating and sabotoging words

Session #5 - Speech is Sound

    1. Understanding the critical ‘syllable’
    2. Renewing the pulse of energy
    3. Unconnected syllables
    4. Connected syllables
    5. How fluency happens from mind to mouth

Session #6 - Syllable Building

    1. How the use of syllables connect thoughts to speaking
    2. Automatic syllable production mirrors thoughts to create fluency
    3. Building sentences and stories – easily and fluently
    4. Entire focus on thoughts eclipses thinking about how to  avoid stuttering
    5. Analyzing your stutter and what makes it happen

Session #7 - Developing Thoughts – You Have A Wealth Of Information

    1. Describe observations and express interpretations
    2. Use visualization to expand thoughts
    3. Develop stories and topics spontaneously
    4. Broadening your communication circle

Session # 8 - Building Speaking Skills

    1. Become a better speaker that fluent speakers
    2. Analyze your progress
    3. Pros and cons of changing how you speak

Session #9 - Integrating And Habituating Your New Speaking Skills

    1. Balance your energy systems
    2. Neutralize emotions, thoughts, beliefs that interfere
    3. Shifting at the subconscious level

Session #10 - Putting it all together

    1. Instilling the use of the voice for speech – in multi syllable words, sentences etc.
    2. Reading sentences with and without automatic articulation, for a deeper foundation
    3. Pretending to be a ventriloquist, speaking using your vocal folds
    4. Developing ideas, writing them and reading them simultaneously.
    5. Solving problems: multiple choice, with discussion

Session #11 - Practice in Virtual Reality

    1. Recreate high stress situations and use a virtual reality to explore speaking in each one
    2. Speaking to a small group of unfamiliar people.
    3. Speaking under pressure
    4. Speaking to people in authority
    5. Using association and speak spontaneously

Session #12 - Emotional Exploration And Speaking Easily

    1. Test the tenacity of your fluent speech system with emotionally laden content; reading and speaking.
    2. Describe your happiest experience
    3. Describe your saddest experience
    4. Talk about a time when you were really angry.
    5. Talk about the person who had the biggest impact on your life.

Once and for all, a positive, life changing program for your speech.

Show others that you can fluently communicate,

Prove to yourself that you can speak more easily,

Speak, be heard, be valued, be accepted, be “normal”,

Release the tension within your whole body mind so it stops constantly suspending and taking over what you know you’re powerful enough to overcome,

Feel the calmness of your mind and when thoughts are clear, when thoughts flow, your communicating is joyful.

Engage with others through communicating, to experience the sharing of thoughts, insights and mutual understandings — this can be done in no other way than through conversations.

Ready To Get Started?