My Story

Linda Hurkot - Founder of Stop Stuttering Now

I’m Linda Hurkot and I’m truly thrilled you’re here!

 You might be wondering  how I came to be here with you today.

While I’ve been a speech pathologist for more than three decades, my personal story is what has propelled my passion for this profession forward.

Please allow me to share with you a short story about when I nearly lost my vision.

At the time I was trying to do anything to keep my sight.

I was struggling because I had no idea what would actually prevent me from going blind. I was getting more and more depressed and felt so hopeless. Then the bottom fell out from under me when the doctors told me that there was nothing they could do…

Which meant I couldn’t be treated with traditional medicine to overcome blindness.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate. I’d hit rock bottom, but I wasn’t ready to give up hope on on my dream of being able to see. That’s when I made the bold decision to  not give up and find an alternative solution.  And that’s when everything changed!

With one decision I discovered how to:

– Reduce the stress that was contributing to my sight loss

– Use simple tools and techniques to improve my quality of life

– Look outside the box for new solutions to preserve my sight

Because I wasn’t going to believe that blindness was inevitable for me and I made the decision to find alternative tools and therapy, I was able to:

– Live a life where sight was part of it

– Enjoy the ability to see and connect with family, friends and colleagues

– See things differently and look for solutions where none existed before

Now I’m living my purposeful life with sight, and having to worry about struggling with loss of vision is behind me.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing with you my newly released “Stop Stuttering Now” programs because I found the solutions to stuttering that didn’t exist before either.  Likely you’ve felt similar feelings of desperation, isolation and even hopelessness when thinking about how you’re going to speak with others.

It can be awkward and challenging in professional and social settings for stutterers – but it does not have to stay like this.

I made speaking easily my mission so you can also experience a connected purposeful life enjoying the naturalness of speaking.

Thank you for letting me share my story.

If you’d like to continue to discover how I might be able to help you, please use the link below to schedule time to speak with me directly.

I’m here to help you.